Family Guided Routines Based Intervention (FGRBI) - Coaching Families to Engage Their Children in Everyday Activities and Routines

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The Family Guided Routines Based Intervention (FGBRI) is an approach for providing early intervention services within a child and family's natural environment consistent with mandates of Federal law and best practices. With roots in activity-based intervention, FGRBI focus on parent-implemented interventions for children aged birth to three. The FGRBI practices shift the role of practitioners to coaching families to embed intervention into their daily interactions with their child.

Come learn about the FGRBI approach and how it will enhance your skills facilitating home visits to support families.
WV Early Childhood Core Knowledge and Competencies

2.2.d. Communicates regularly with families to share the accomplishments of the child, answer questions, and discuss activities and progress
2.3.e. Works with families to include teaching and learning opportunities in natural ways throughout the child’s day
2.3.f. Empowers and coaches’ families to implement easy-to-use tools and strategies at home that achieve desired outcomes and goals
2.3.g. Implements strengths-based, family centered practices that engage families in meaningful decision-making opportunities
3.3.e. Includes family observations and input in the assessment process
3.3.f. Gathers information from families regarding effective strategies to support individual children’s developmental progress

6.7.i. Serves responsibly as a part of an interdisciplinary team, including participation in the IFSP/IEP process, according to appropriate policies and procedures and recommended practices

WV Infant Toddler Mental Health Competencies
Theoretical Foundations - Infant/Very Young Child & Family-Centered Practice
Direct Service Skills - Observation & Listening
Working with Others - Supporting Others

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