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In this course, family child care providers will learn that observing children helps collect facts about what they're interested in and strengthen lessons by connecting the early learning standards to developmentally appropriate activities for all ages. 
3. Child Observation and Assessment
3.1 Uses observation and assessment to support children's development and learning.
c. Uses multiple methods for gathering information and collecting data.
3.5 Uses observations and assessments to inform instruction and guide planning.
c. Uses ongoing assessment to ensure the environment, curriculum, guidance strategies, and approaches to learning meet children's needs.
Environment and Curriculum
4.6 Designs and implements activities and strategies to help meet the individual needs of all children in an integrated curriculum.
b. Uses ongoing observation and assessment to meet a child's interests/curiosity, learning styles, temperament, strengths and challenges, family priorities, current environment(s).

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Providers will learn how to strengthen their lesson plans by adding the early learning standards to developmentally appropriate activities.

Providers will learn how to:
Create individualized plans for children 0-36 months.
 Plan activities for a mixed age group.
 Modify activities for each age group.
 Include the WV Early Learning Standards in your lesson plans.

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