Creating a Handbook and Contract for Family Child Care Homes and Facilities

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This self-paced course, created for Family Child Care Home and Family Child Care Facility providers to learn about the importance of creating a family handbook and contract for their clients. To earn 1 hour of STARS credit for this course, learners must fully complete the self-paced portion, then pass the Proof Of Learning with an 80 %. Users will have 3 chances to successfully complete the assessment. If users cannot successfully complete the assessment after 3 tries they will need to repeat the self-paced portion of the course.

Providers working towards the West Virginia Child Care Credential will need to successfully complete this course and submit a Handbook/Contract as part of their application. Contact your Resource and Referral agency for specific details regarding the credential.
Providers will recognize the value in creating and  using a handbook and contract for their business.
Providers will learn what information and documents a quality handbook and contract must have.

7.2 Implements policies and procedures that support partnerships with families and respects their diverse needs and culture.
a. Shares program philosophy, mission, and services with staff, families, and the community and encourages staff to do the same. 
b. Established policies and practices that facilitate respectful and reciprocal relationships with families and recognizes each family's role as their child's lifelong teacher.
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