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Early Signs of Autism

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Approximately 1 in 36 children is currently being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. For many children, the early signs of Autism were present and observable before 18 months of age. This training will assist early childhood professionals from a variety of programs and/or systems to recognize early indicators, or “red flags”, of Autism in young children and sharing tips in how to share concerns with families..

WV Birth to three is pleased to offer this session as an on-demand session. You will be completing the course by watching a pre-recorded webinar session, taking notes, and successfully completing a post test based upon the content of the session. You will have 30 days from the date you register for the course to complete all course activities. 

1.2.a. Understands developmental sequences and milestones

1.2.j. Improves understanding of child growth and development through ongoing review of current research and observation of children.

1.2.l. Applies knowledge of child development, including social and emotional development to identify early indicators of possible developmental delays or risks to development

2.1.e. Understands, acknowledges, and supports families with emotions associated with grief, loss, and coping with a child’s disability or challenges.

2.1.k. Shares community resources based on family’s needs, including information about developmental delays and disabilities.

2.2.e. Communicates the possibility of a developmental delay or special need sensitively and confidentially, provides documentation and explanation, suggests next steps, and provides resources for assessment

3.1.d. Gathers evidence of children’s development and learning using multiple sources

 6.2.j. Links current research and best practices in education, family health, and/or disability services to own work by keeping abreast of new information and reflecting on its relevance

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