An Overview of the Importance of Child Observation and Assessment

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Participants will receive an overview of child observation and assessment along with information on why we observe children, the different Observation types, Screenings, Assessments, the Benefits and Tools needed to perform the observation and assessments.


3.2 Practices appropriate child assessment

a. Knows developmentally appropriate assessment methods

b. Engages in assessment practices within children’s familiar routines, materials, environments, and people, rather than in controlled situations

d. Considers children’s strengths and needs across all developmental domains

e. Reviews and considers information provided by the family and other sources to inform and individualize interactions

h. Makes referrals to appropriate agencies for diagnostic testing, as needed

i. Shares specific assessment procedures with families

j. Communicates developmental progress and outcomes to other involved colleagues, as appropriate, to ensure collaborative services

3.3 Builds positive, productive partnerships with families and colleagues to enhance the assessment process

c. Values family input in the assessment process

e. Includes family observations and input in the assessment process

f. Gathers information from families regarding effective strategies to support individual children’s developmental progress

g. Promotes teamwork and positive communication between families, colleagues, and others regarding the

assessment process

3.4 Uses data to share children’s developmental progress with families and other pertinent team members

b. Reports developmental accomplishments, as well as areas for developmental growth

c. Provides documentation to show the connection between the developmental domains

e. Shares and addresses the limitations of observation and assessment methods with families

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