Communication Matrix Series-Level 4

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Individuals at Level IV intentionally use conventional pre-symbolic behaviors to communicate. Communicative behaviors are pre-symbolic because they do not involve any sort of symbol; they are conventional because they are socially acceptable, and we continue to use them to accompany our language as we mature. Conventional communication behaviors can include: smiling, pointing, waving, high-five, looking intentionally, thumbs up, vocalizations (uh-oh, uh-huh, etc.) This module includes an in-depth description of the characteristics of an individual who is functioning in level IV including communicative behaviors and intents, specific intervention strategies and tools, IEP/IFSP considerations, and essential takeaways

1.8 Promotes emergent literacy including speaking, listening, reading, and writing

through play and interaction with children.

3.1 Uses observation and assessment to support children’s development and


3.5 Uses observations and assessments to inform instruction and guide planning.

4.6 Designs and implements activities and strategies to help meet the

individual needs of all children in an integrated curriculum

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