Communication Matrix Series-Level 2

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Individuals at Level II are in control of their behavior, but it is not yet used to communicate intentionally. Caregivers interpret the individual’s needs and desires from behaviors such as body movements, facial expressions, vocalizations, and eye gaze. The individual may engage directly with objects and people rather than using an object to attract a person’s attention or obtain the desired object. There is no “mental plan” for getting what they want. This module includes an in-depth description of the characteristics of an individual who is functioning in level II including communicative behaviors and intents, specific intervention strategies and tools, IEP/IFSP considerations, and essential takeaways.

1.8 Promotes emergent literacy including speaking, listening, reading, and writing

through play and interaction with children.

3.1 Uses observation and assessment to support children’s development and


3.5 Uses observations and assessments to inform instruction and guide planning.

4.6 Designs and implements activities and strategies to help meet the

individual needs of all children in an integrated curriculum

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