Communicable Diseases in Child Care Setting Online

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Communicable diseases are common in child care settings.  This training will provide information about how to recognize and treat common childhood infectious diseases.  This includes information about symptom recognition and guidelines for exclusion.
5.1 Identifies practices that encourage positive health behaviors and support the physical and mental well-being of children and families
a. Models good health practices including universal/standard precautions, hand washing, hygiene, and oral health 
d. Recognizes and responds to signs and symptoms of common childhood illnesses
f. Assures the appropriate implementation of medical and physical care plans 
g. Communicates health concerns and findings to families in a non-threatening manner
i. Recognizes the need to prevent the spread of communicable disease in the work environment through the use infection control measures (i.e., isolation and exclusion of infected children and adults)
5.2 Understands the appropriate precautions and applicable procedures to ensure a safe learning environment
d. Understands the importance of appropriate and safe medication administration policies and procedures and best practice guidelines
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