Conscious Discipline: Becoming Brain Smart and Composure (I/T, PK, SA)

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Teachers and administrators in licensed child care settings will learn about the four brain smart principles that foster permanent changes in behavior, have an understanding of the relationship between brain function and behavior and learn how to access their own wisdom so they can respond instead of react to life events, fostering healthy relationships.  Teachers and administrators will also learn how to take back their power, how to actively calm themselves by implementing the STAR program, learn to create safe environments for children and set up a safe place where even the most difficult children can learn self control.  This training is geared toward all age groups.

1.4  Helps children achieve self-regulation and develop coping skills
a. Responds promptly to child's immediate signals and needs
e. Creates an environment and provides strategies that help children: manage strong emotions and calm themselves, cope with fear, anger and frustration

4.3 Works to effectively promote social and emotional development and prevent challenging behaviors
b. Supports environmental arrangements that promote social and emotional development (ie, a quiet space for children to calm down)
k. Know when to intervene to stop behavior that affects safety and/or ability to learn
l. Remains calm and respectful toward the child exhibiting challenging behavior
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