Child Care Food Program and Meal Pattern Requirements 2021-22

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This self-study will review the federal guidelines of the Child Care Food Program and all meal pattern requirements in the program year of 2021-22.

5.5 Understands the importance of good nutrition and food safety to support healthy growth in children and families

a. Promotes and models healthy nutritional practices

c. Matches nutritional practices to the child’s developmental stage and special dietary needs including health conditions, and cultural and religious dietary restrictions

d. Shares information on the advantages of breastfeeding and provides support for breastfeeding

e. Shares information on nutritional needs and appropriate feeding of infants and children

f. Understands that food is not to be used as a punishment or reward

g. Encourages self-regulation by helping early childhood professionals and children recognize fullness cues and responding appropriately

h. Facilitates opportunities for children to experience new tastes, textures, and cultural foods

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