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IT Wellness Conference

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The Infant/Toddler Wellness Summit will focus on health and wellness topics specific to children under the age of 36 months. The event is ONLY open to center-based directors and caregivers, facility staff, and family child care providers working with this age group. The six hour summit meets the requirement for a conference in WV Tiered Reimbursement Program.

5.1 Identifies practices that encourage positive health behaviors and support the physical and mental well-being of children and families 

a. Models good health practices including universal/standard precautions, hand washing, hygiene, and oral health

5.2 Understands the appropriate precautions and applicable procedures to ensure a safe learning environment

b. Observes and acts to avoid problems before they occur, adjusting supervision to meet different ages and abilities

f. Understands and follows safe sleep practices and communicates information to families

5.5 Understands the importance of good nutrition and food safety to support healthy growth in children and families

c. Matches nutritional practices to the child’s developmental stage and special dietary needs including health conditions, and cultural and religious dietary restrictions

d. Shares information on the advantages of breastfeeding and provides support for breastfeeding 

e. Shares information on nutritional needs and appropriate feeding of infants and children

j. Provides intentional opportunities for children and families to learn the basics of nutrition through active learning activities

5.6 Understands the importance of healthy lifestyles to support healthy growth in children and families

a. Shares the basics of healthy living through active learning experiences with children and families 

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