Are You Listening?

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Learning to communicate effectively requires listening as much if not more than talking. In the early childhood classroom, we can learn a lot just by listening. In this professional development session we will study how to use active listen and empathic listening to assist with challenging behaviors, teaching children how to listen and help build the connections with the children, families and co-workers within your environment. 

Child Growth and Development

1.8 Promotes emergent literacy including speaking, listening, reading, and writing

through play and interaction with children

d. Promotes an environment where children are encouraged to listen and communicate with others

Family and Community Relationships

2.2 Communicates regularly, respectfully, and effectively with families
Additional Information
§What is active listening?
§Occasions from communication
§Why is it important?
§What are active listening skills?
§What does active listening look like in your environment?
§Empathetic Listening
§How to use active listening in early childhood
§Overview of ages and stages of listening
§Setting your own active listening goals
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