10 Commandments for Blended Families

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The 10 Commandments for Blended Families will discuss the 2 Pillars for a Successful Blended Family along with the 10 Commandments for Blended Families. We will look at the 5 discussions every blended family should have, and we will seek to apply these to various Head Start situations. A time for Q/A session will follow.
2.1  d. Recognizes and acknowledges that culture, language, socioeconomic factors, support systems, and special needs may influence how families nurture their children 
2.1 f. Empowers family strengths and supports diverse needs, including those of Dual Language Learners
2.1 g. Takes time to learn about families’ race, religion, home language, family structure, employment situation, other child care arrangements, as well as their values and beliefs about childhood, education, and intervention 
2.2  b. Values families and welcomes them into the classroom, program, or home setting
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