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How To's With Social Stories

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 Social stories are created and used in a lot of different situations. They can help with things from difficult behaviors in the classroom to routine changes. How To’s With Social Stories with help define social stories and explore how social stories can be used. This training will also examine the benefits of using social stories and will go over the process of creating your own social story.


1.3 n. Helps children build upon their strengths and work on their challenges

1.4 e. Creates an environment and provides strategies that help children:

-Manage strong emotions and calm themselves

-Focus their attention to remain actively engaged with activities and materials

-Read the signals of the environment to learn how to respond appropriately

-Cope with fear, anger, and frustration

-Use language to share their needs

-Consider the needs of others

-Use problem-solving and conflict resolution strategies

1.4 f. Provides appropriate guidance to assist children in understanding the results of their actions

4.2 j. Uses positive guidance strategies to prevent challenging behavior from occurring and/or reoccurring

4.2 e. Teaches the steps involved in routines and tasks (i.e., repeats directions, provides visual support while giving directions, uses visual and/or verbal prompts to help children follow through when necessary)

4.3 j. Teaches children effective and socially appropriate ways to meet their wants and needs

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By the end of this session participants will be able to:

  • Define social stories
  • Examine the benefits of social stories
  • Explore how social stories can be used
  • Create your own social story

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