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Adapting Your Gross Motor Play

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This training will cover basic gross motor development for children. We will discuss how to adapt gross motor activities for indoor and outdoor play, and the impacts gross motor play has on other areas of learning.
a. Creates an environment that supports a variety and range of motor skills
b. Creates opportunities for children to practice skills supporting the age-appropriate development of
coordination, balance, movement, and strength:
- Locomotor skills: rolling, crawling, walking, running, jumping, climbing, hopping, galloping, skipping
- Stability skills: turning, twisting, sitting, bending, stretching, reaching, lifting, balancing
- Object control: grasp and release, bilateral use of body, midline, construction, ball play
c. Encourages indoor and outdoor environments that allow children to move freely
d. Ensures children spend time each day in active gross motor play, recognizing outdoors as the preferred
e. Supports children in their search of reasonable physical challenges
f. Provides opportunities and materials that encourage sensory integration
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