Bed Bugs and Beyond

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This training provides information on bed bugs, head lice, mice and rats, cockroaches, and ants and how to manage them at a child care center.

4.2 Creates an environment that is predictable, promotes interaction and learning, and is responsive to the needs of all children
a. Plans, implements, and adapts a supportive learning environment that promotes children’s safety, positive interactions, and behaviors
5.1 Identifies practices that encourage positive health behaviors and support the physical and mental well-being of children and families
d. Recognizes and responds to signs and symptoms of common childhood illnesses
5.2 Understands the appropriate precautions and applicable procedures to ensure a safe learning environment
a. Follows current emergency procedures and safety practices
c. Ensures all materials and equipment for use by children, both indoors and outdoors, are safe
i. Reports or discusses safety concerns with appropriate staff and family and helps problem-solve and implement solutions
j. Works with families to monitor their home for safety risks
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