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Circle Time with Schoolers (Online)

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Circle Time is a popular activity that’s used in many programs to help develop positive relationships between children. It aims to give them tools to engage with and listen to each other.  Providing a daily meeting with school age children is a powerful tool that nurtures their social, emotional, cognitive, and language development. This dedicated time for group interactions sets the stage for meaningful learning experiences and lays the foundation for your classroom. This online training will cover strategies for creating an effective daily meeting to help create positive relationships and structure of your room.

4.1 Develops and models genuine, supportive relationships

c. Shows genuine interest in children’s experiences, ideas, and work
d. Uses a variety of strategies for building relationships such as engaging in meaningful and extended conversations, respecting each child’s uniqueness, using children’s names, being at children’s eye level, and smiling at children
e. Creates opportunities for children of different races, cultures, languages, abilities, and genders to work and play together
f. Practices and models responsive, consistent, encouraging, and nurturing interactions that build positive relationships
g. Uses child observation and assessment to individualize and improve interactions
h. Recognizes strengths in every child and family and is able to communicate those strengths
j. Responds and adapts to each child, accommodating his/her temperament, personality, strengths, interests, and development pattern
m. Engages in self-reflection regarding relationships with children on a regular basis


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