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Afterschool Rating Scales (SACERS)

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This training focuses on the School-Age Care Environment Rating Scale also known as SACERS.  Participants will learn the basic components of quality care.  Participants will understand what the SACERS rating scale is designed to do and how to use it, along with the importance of its purpose to your program. 

1. Child Growth and Development

1.5 Encourages the development of self-help skills to promote independence.

        a. Understands the importance of promoting healthy living habits such as    hand-washing, toothbrushing, positive toileting practices, and healthy eating

         b. Uses naturally occurring opportunities throughout the day to encourage the development of self-help skills

4. Environment and Curriculum 

4.4 Establishes a learning environment within group settings that is well organized and visually pleasing, and promotes reflection, extends learning, and encourages self-management and cooperation*

a. Designs an environment to include:

  • personal space for each child to ensure his/her sense of belonging and security
  •  both active and quiet spaces
  • large muscle activity and movement spaces
  • clear boundaries in the physical environment that help children know where centers begin and end
  • appropriate child-sized furniture
  • unobstructed views of all areas within the space
  • space for child selected grouping
  • private meeting space
Additional Information
  • Participants will learn the basic components of quality care.
  • Participants will understand the purpose of SACERS to their program.
  • Participants will understand important terms used.
  • Participants will be able to understand how scoring is completed.
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