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What is a Proof of Learning?

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  • Online trainings must have a Proof of Learning component. 

  • Objective-Encourage participation, interaction, and engagement in webinars and allow participants to show what 
    they’ve learned.  

  • Not intended to be a formal learning assessment (but can be!)  

  • We encourage you to consider your audience when you create your proof of learning, considering that trainings are accessed by participants with a variety of backgrounds, skill levels, and knowledge bases.  

  • Proof of learning must be recorded with the Agenda when you add your Scheduled Event to the Training Calendar.
    •  Some example proofs of learning include: 
  • an assessment through your webinar software

  •  an assessment using the WV STARS Registry Assessment module 

  •  reviewing webinar reporting data for participation statistics

  •  linking to an outside survey that is reviewed

  •  an assignment that is reviewed. 

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