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Versioning Vs. Copying a Course

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Versioning vs. Copying A Course

What is the Difference Between Versioning and Copying?





To make a change to an already created course moving forward such as a course becoming a 3-hour course that used to be a 2-hour course but never will be again.

This is a completely new course but is a copy of another the title and all components can be changed. This may be used as a short cut if registering something like a course already created.


For reporting the course remains as one. Only the new course will be listed in the drop-down list, but the reporting will all still be attached.

Unrelated for reporting. The new copied course and the original course will both show in the drop-down list.


Must be resubmitted for publishing approval.


Must be resubmitted for publishing approval.

Training Calendar and Registration

Only the *Master Version will be visible for registration on the Training Calendar or for scheduling to the calendar. (Do not version a course that is currently on the calendar with Open Registration)

Both courses are available to use to schedule to the training calendar or in the system and/or accept registration.

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