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Cancelling vs. Deleting a Scheduled Event

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Cancelling vs. Deleting a Scheduled Event



Why? = Low attendance; inclement weather; need to reschedule

Why? = ex: You entered the same course twice

Participants receive a notification/details for the cancellation

Participants do not receive notifications/details

Still Visible on reports (cannot be edited)

No longer shows on reports (disappears)

Cancellation Email Notification (This is an example of the email participants receive when a training is cancelled):

Please note the auto populated fields in the email below will become whatever is listed on the Scheduled Event.

  • The following WV STARS Training has been cancelled:

    Event: @EVENTNAME 
    Instructor: @INSTRUCTOR

    Start Date & Time: @EVENTSTARTDATETIME
    End Date & Time: @EVENTENDDATETIME

    Location Information (if applicable):

    Cancellation Reason: @CANCELREASON
    Cancellation Comments: @CANCELCOMMENTS

    Please contact the Event Contact listed below for any additional questions.
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