What is Non STARS Training and How do I Submit it for Training Hours??

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Non STARS Training is any training that you complete that is not registered with WV STARS.  The training must be at least an hour long and be relevant to your position. The Non STARS Training form can be found on the website under the Professionals tab. For those participants on the Career Pathway, you can have 15 hours of Non STARS Training per renewal period, meaning 15 of the 45 hours needed to renew your certificate can be Non STARS Training hours.

To have the hours added to your Professional Development Record:

  1. Complete the Non-STARS Training Submission Form
  2. Determine which of the WV Early Childhood Core Knowledge and Competencies are covered by the training you attended and list those on the form. You can locate the CKC document by clicking on the full title of the document above.
  3. Attach your certificate of completion for the course.
  4. Submit the completed form and the certificate of completion by fax, mail or upload it under step 6 of your profile, see directions on the form. 
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