What Do I Need To Include in the Agenda of a Scheduled Event?

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Agenda Sample:


-How the session will be facilitated (it is a live webinar or face to face?)
-Description of the session (topics, activities, age group/work environment that is applicable, etc.)
-An overview of session structure (bulleted agenda with time frames)
-Additional information as appropriate (is there limited attendance, a post test they must get a certain score to pass, 15 minute rule, or do they need to download/print handouts before the session, etc.?).  

*Please note that all online webinars must have a Proof of Learning attached and listed in the Agenda.  For more information about the Proof of Learning, click here
Sample is below:

This session is for WV Birth to Three Service Coordinators ONLY. No other participants will receive credit for this session.

This session will be facilitated via a live webinar.

Effective service coordination is an active, ongoing process that assists families in accessing the needed services and supports that will enable them to meet the developmental and health needs of their infant and toddler. To assist the great diversity of families we serve, professionals must continue to learn, grow, and develop skills just as the infants, toddlers, and families that we partner with. To this end, we will make mistakes. But as professionals, we must recognize and acknowledge our mistakes, correct as appropriate and then take steps to develop a plan to prevent them in the future.

To participate in the webinar, please click the hyperlink contained in the WV STARS Registration Confirmation email. If this link is not highlighted, please copy and paste the address into a new internet browser page.


  • Staying Organized Means Staying on Top
  • The Right Piece of Paper for the Right Job- WV Birth to Three Documentation Requirements
  • The In's and Outs of Service Coordination in WV Birth to Three
  • Supporting Transitions out of WV Birth to Three
  • Requesting Assistive Technology in WV Birth to Three

Additional information about this session:

  • Please be sure to download and print your handouts prior to the session.
  • If you arrive more than 15 minutes after the training session has begun, you will NOT receive credit for this session.
  • Attendance for this session is limited to WV Birth to Three RAU Staff, Service Coordinators and Direct Service Providers. If you do not fit into one of these categories, you will not receive credit for the session.
  • This session has a post-test requirement. You must score at least an 80% on the post-test to receive credit for the session


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